SU recognizes National Preparedness Month

Many people are not aware that there even is a National Preparedness Month, let alone that it is the month of September. This month of recognition means that we are responsible for being prepared to take on natural disasters and many other possible life-altering events.

Not only is this recognized nationally, but we are also recognizing it here at Shippensburg University. The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) “Ready” Campaign” created this time of awareness.

“During National Preparedness Month, we renew our commitment to promoting emergency preparedness in homes, businesses, and communities nationwide, and to building an America more ready and resilient than ever before,” a presidential proclamation on reads. NPM urges communities around the U.S. to take time during September specifically to recognize disasters from the past and prepare for those that may happen in the future.

The “Ready” campaign points out that people should not only be prepared for disasters such as 9/11, but also natural disasters, pandemics and other accidents or hazards. individually lists each disaster or hazard and how one should prepare for it. Not all of these disasters are ones that we would have to worry about here in Shippensburg, such as tsunamis and volcanoes, but there are several to be aware of.

Droughts, severe thunderstorms and other severe weather are not unheard of in Pennsylvania. The government website informs readers what to do prior to these situations, as well as during and after they occur.

Terrorism hazards have come to Americans’ attention a great deal since 9/11. We can only hope we
would not have to worry about something like this again, but describes potential scenarios or hazards and how to handle them.

“Ready” encourages everyone to make a plan for the risks that he or she could encounter, and to even build a kit that includes basic disaster supplies, such as extra food and water, in case of an emergency.

FEMA’s campaign also encourages people to get involved and assist in spreading awareness in communities all over the country. Different ways to get involved are to volunteer to support disaster efforts, join or start a preparedness project or something as simple as donating cash or goods to your community to assist in times of disaster.

We live in a world full of surprises. No disaster or emergency can ever be predicted, and that is why it is important for all of us to be educated and prepared for any emergency.

More information on how to be prepared and get involved during this month of recognition can be found on both as well as

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