Five must-have back-to-school student apps

After a nice long summer, I am sure everyone is dreading going back to classes and having to deal with homework, papers, notes and the like. These five applications will make this coming semester a little easier for you to handle.

Evernote is the app that gets the honors at the top of the list. It works great on iOS devices, Android devices, Blackberries and computers (both Mac and PC). With this app, you will be able to take your class notes and access them anywhere on any device inside of Evernote’s easy to use interface. If you like Evernote and have an iPad, then Evernote Peek is also worth a look, bringing flashcards to the note taking platform.

Dropbox comes in second on the list, working on all sorts of devices as well. It is basically a USB drive on the Internet, giving you access to your files wherever you go so long as you have Internet access, storing everything in the “cloud”.

TrackClass is a great web-app and iPhone app that allows students to stay completely up-to-date with anything in their classes offering calendar views of upcoming events, a space for notes and even a place to input grades achieved on assignments and exams. While it does not have an Android app or Blackberry app, it does have a mobile web version that works fairly well. This app’s best feature, though, is the ability to set up email and/or text message reminders for any assignments that you put into its system.’s dictionary app is certainly a must-have for anyone who will be reading any sort of educational material, as it is easy to mix up the meanings of words sometimes. You might not use this app every day, or even every week, but when you need it while reading over your study guide for your midterm the next day, you will be glad you have it on your phone.

Epicurious comes last, but not least. It costs a lot of money for students to go out to eat all the time, and the dining hall food can get old at times, enter this cookbook app. This app is not for the lazy student who does not want to buy ingredients and cook, but for those that are willing to make their own food once in a while. Epicurious has a slew of features for looking up new and easy recipes.

There are many other apps for smartphones that can really make your student life much easier, but these are the five basic ones that are must-haves.

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