Invisible Children puts out second Kony awareness video


“KONY 2012: Part II – Beyond Famous” was released on April 4 by the Invisible Children (IC) campaign organization. The 20 minute video was made as a follow-up to the first Kony 2012 awareness mini-film that came out a month prior.

The first KONY 2012 video, which was produced and directed by one of IC’s founders, Jason Russell, became viral on YouTube with over 87 million views, and was trending over all social media sites.
This was Russell’s ultimate goal – to make Joseph Kony, the head of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), famous.

Kony has been leader of the LRA since 1987 and has been the “world’s worst war criminal” ever since, according to

Since 2008, the LRA has killed over 2,400 people. They abduct children to become soldiers and sex slaves, and force them to “rape, mutilate and kill civilians,” according to
This whole campaign that the Invisible Children organization created has a goal to end Kony’s unjust actions that have been ongoing for 26 years.

The reason for making a second video was “to explain the creation of the campaign, the progress that’s already been made, and what we can all do now to support the ongoing efforts to stop the violence of the LRA,” the video said, which is narrated by Ben Keesey, CEO of IC.

A major criticism of the first video was that there was a misconception of Kony committing this violence in Northern Uganda, when really the LRA has been out of that country since 2006.
However, the second video makes it clearer that the LRA is dominant in the Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.

The video also makes it clear that progress has been made due to IC’s efforts, and efforts of other organizations.

Ever since “KONY 2012” was made, people have been nothing but supportive of the campaign and eager to help.

“Two weeks after ‘KONY 2012’ launched, two bipartisan resolutions, supporting the effort to disarm the LRA, were introduced to the House and Senate and have been signed by nearly 100 members of Congress,” the video said.

The African Union has also agreed to step up its efforts in the cause to track down Kony.

FM Radio communication, such as “Radio Zereda,” has also been set up as “early warning networks” to attempt to warn African civilians if the LRA is coming their way.

The video encourages its audience to create even more awareness that Kony needs to be stopped and that by getting leaders’ support from all over the world will make it more possible.

It leaves us with a message that says, “We believe that the human connection extends across the world but starts across the street. We will earn the right to be heard globally by serving locally.”

The plan that the video introduces is for supporters everywhere to contact their policymakers for them to support the cause as well, and to promote justice for the civilians in Africa.

The organization would like us all to take part in Cover the Night, which will take place April 20.

The idea is to post media about Kony all over and do everything possible to stop the injustice Joseph Kony is serving.

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