Emergency booths on campus help to keep students safe

Shippensburg University Police want students to feel safe on campus, especially when walking at night.

For this reason, there are 911 emergency booths scattered across campus. There are 21 outdoor towers which are easily identified by the blue light on top.

Emergency telephones are installed in the women’s locker rooms in Heiges Field House, Henderson Gymnasium and in sound modules in the residence halls, as well as many other areas.

As soon as the button on the telephone is hit, it sends a call directly to the campus police department and shows exactly where the call is coming from.

You can then talk into the speaker and say what the emergency is and a police officer will be there within moments to assist you.

You should use these emergency booths when there is an emergency, you are in danger or even if you are just concerned about your safety.

Cytha D. Grissom, the director of Public Safety at Shippensburg University urges students to use good judgment when walking on campus.

“Always walk with at least two people; a group is always better. Also, pay attention to your surroundings, don’t be talking on the phone and not paying attention. Texting while walking is also not a good idea,” Grissom said. These are just a few basic safety tips that can help keep you out of harm’s way.

Grissom also noted that if you see anything suspicious, or if anything happens to you, call the police immediately, do not call your roommate first.

To reach the campus police dial 1444 on a campus phone, and (717)477-1444 from a cell phone.
You can see a map with all the 911 emergency booth locations at www.ship.edu/police, or on pages C1 and C2.

Be sure that you keep these safety tips in mind and be familiar with the location of emergency booths.

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