Coffee vending machine to be installed in Grove Hall


This fall, students in Grove Hall will be within arm’s length of a “pick-me-up” and enjoy a cup of coffee without even leaving the building.

A group of students from Allison Watts’ strategy implementation class were presented with the idea of getting coffee within Grove Hall and have been working with various administrators throughout the semester to complete the project.

The group felt that the best option to have coffee within the building was to obtain a vending machine, which will be located in the third–floor study lounge.

They assure students that the machine will be state-of-the-art with good quality coffee using cash only.

Students and professors will experience many benefits from having coffee within the building, such as increased alertness and participation and convenience.

The machine will increase the amount of options for students to buy coffee on campus. This project has also provided benefits to the students working on it.

The group gained real world experience using money that it hoped would be invested into the project.
Group members also learned to work around problems that they did not expect to encounter.

Watts said that she is proud of the work the group has completed thus far and is excited to see the outcome of the coffee project.

She expects to continue a project such as this one with her Strategy Implementation class next semester by using some of the ideas from the group this semester.

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