'Cirque Dreams' popped the rock at SU


During “Cirque Dreams Pop Goes the Rock,” there were many different acts. One of those talented acts were the jugglers pictured. This show entertained many fans at SU.

Elements of strength, balance, extreme flexibility and coordination concocted a recipe of pure entertainment as Cirque Dreams took H. Ric Luhrs’ stage Sunday evening.

Their current tour, “Cirque Dreams 2012 World Tour,” for Armed Forces Entertainment has been recently launched from Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, Hawaii to be able to entertain U.S. service members and their families.

According to a press release given to the H.Ric Luhrs Center, the aerialist, balancers and performers were set to entertain in 17 military bases throughout 10 different countries.
The group, directed by Neil Goldberg and the Cirque Entertainment brand, performed its most recent spectacle “Pop Goes the Rock.”

The show is among an array of performances, distinguished by its excellent stunts and musical selections.

Hit songs featured blends of pop and hip-hop arranged with Sony ATV/Music Publishing. Featured songs included “Womanizer,” The Heat is on,” “Let it Ride,” “Apologize,” “Never Gonna Let You Go,” “Right Round,” “Like a Prayer,” “Beautiful,” “No More Mister Nice Guy” and decades more of feet tapping beats.

Each song accompanied a relevant act to capture the general theme of the song.

The themes were complimented by colorful costumes and jaw- dropping acts.

Photo by Leslie Douglas / The Slate

During “Cirque Dreams Pop Goes the Rock,” there were many different acts. One of those talented acts were the jugglers pictured. This show entertained many fans at SU.

Cirque Dreams transformed the theater into a carnival funhouse through spectacular use of lighting and daring aerialists.

The gravity-defying balancers utilized unicycles and tight ropes and some unidentifiable objects. Huge pillowcases of reds, oranges and yellows stood, or danced, as makeshift flames.

Silver and gold slinkies bounced around and oriental discs slid around the stage as contrasting performances played throughout the night.

The eyes in the audience were exercised in an attempt to take in all that was being experienced. Never was there a solo act on stage.

Two aerialists or balancers danced-off of one in a way that spoke a tale.

Tales of insecurity during the song “Beautiful,” and a chaotic display of dancers running around during “Call Me Irresponsible,” which also brought an audience member on stage.

Each song played into the performance in such a way that was almost as impressive as the routine.
As an international cast with members from across the world, including Ukraine and China, each of the performers had a way with communicating through dance and song.

Communication was key during the act and it was evident that any slip up would result in an unfavorable sore.

Shippensburg University was fortunate to have such a widespread group ignite fantasy just before us.

Imagination was fancied and decades of songs were remembered through a timeline of sounds flourished by the live band.

Cirque Dreams shows have appeared worldwide through casinos, theme parks, theaters, at sea and have taken Broadway.

The brand has performed for and entertained far more than 50 million people across the world.
Neon colors formed long lines and flashing lights from the walls that made a beautiful arrangement of color. Each color used was thoughtfully selected to play off or play with the costumes on stage.
The costumes were constantly changing, giving an effect of even more performers that made the show go on.

When it came to factors including seating and arrangement in the Center, the higher the better.

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