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Local Artist Spotlight: Nick Andrew Staver

Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, can come off as an unassuming place. Thanks to Shippensburg University, the area, including Chambersburg, becomes a melting pot of artists, ranging from painters to musicians. Nick Andrew Staver is one of those local musicians.

Games & Tech: What's next?

One of the biggest complaints by gamers recently has been day one patches. What are they exactly? When you put your game disc into your system for the first time or when it comes out, it connects to the Internet and downloads a patch to fix last minute bugs and issues with the game. Most people would think it is a good thing, but people see it as developers putting out broken and unfinished games.

Games & Tech: What's Next?

This week marks the beginning of March and gamers are in for quite the treat. Gamers have been leery about the next generation of consoles due to the lack of games, however there are plenty of games coming out to keep everyone occupied until more triple A games come out. Episode 2 of Telltale Games’ “The Walking Dead: Season 2” is dropping March 4.

Games & Tech: What's Next?

Twitch ( is a highly popular streaming website that gamers have been using since 2011. Twitch offers gamers a free way to stream their gameplay live to other interested gamers.

Games & Tech What’s Next?

The biggest question that has been floating around the tech and video game world for the past few months has been straight forward: “Are you going next gen?” For many, this means possibly getting rid of their Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 for an Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Shippensburg student Josh Woltz publishes first book

Josh Woltz, who goes by J.R. Woltz on his book, is a sophomore art major at Shippensburg University, having transferred from Penn State University. Recently he has had his first novel published through Amazon on its Kindle e-book shop, called “Dragonsfyre Trilogy: Mask of the Cavalier,” the first of a trilogy of novels he plans on writing. “Dragonsfyre Trilogy: Mask of the Cavalier” is a fantasy epic on a massive scale.

John Quiñones speaks to students

Before his lecture at the Luhrs Performing Arts Center, John Quiñones, co-anchor of the ABC news program “Primetime,” held a small informal session on the backstage of Luhrs for students to hear him speak and have them ask questions.