Heather Ross Asst. Multimedia Director


Fun, Friday and food trucks

After skipping a year for the pandemic, the Shippensburg University Food Truck Festival made a tasty return on Friday, Oct. 22.

Women’s Center celebrates 35 years

The Women’s Center of Shippensburg University celebrated its 35th anniversary last Thursday, Sept. 23. Arielle Catron, director of the Women’s Center, hosted the celebration in Stewart Hall. There was food, fellowship and passionate messages from guest speakers.

What to know about Knotweed, an invasive plant on campus

 Japanese knotweed, known scientifically as Fallopia japonica, can be beautiful. It has bamboo-like stems, heart-shaped leaves and tassels of white blossoms. It is also invasive and aggressive and chokes out native wildlife — and it is on campus.  

Graduate students make virtual timeline for 150th celebrations

Shippensburg University is celebrating its 150th anniversary with a year of special events and activities. As part of celebrations, two graduate students launched an online interactive photo timeline of the university’s history. Tara Quinlivan and CJ Meiser, applied history majors, created the timeline, according to a university press release.