Ethan Cornell Asst. A&E Editor


Contemporary Classics: A Gallery Henoch exhibit comes to Ship

Shippensburg University has seen various art exhibitions come through its arts program. From unconventional ceramics to kitsch-based sculptures to bold performance pieces, SU is no stranger to provoking artworks. However, Kauffman Gallery’s newest exhibit “Contemporary Classics,” is a different breed of art than what small-town Shippensburg has previously experienced. The exhibit, which is comprised of various works from different artists, comes from the eminent New York group Gallery Henoch. These artists’ works focus on different varieties of photorealism and trompe l’oeil techniques to create a refined and truly memorable exhibit. 

Religious Picket Group Visits Campus

A religious picketing group made an appearance on Thursday, Nov. 17, outside Reisner Dining Hall and sported signs encouraging students to support their cause. 

Flooding in Pakistan Proves Catastrophic

Since August, Pakistan has faced intense amounts of flooding unlike anything seen before in the nation’s history. It is described as a “crisis of unimaginable proportions” by Sherry Rehman, Pakistan’s federal minister for climate change.

SU holds the fall SIS fair

 Shippensburg University hosted its bi-yearly Student Involvement and Services (SIS) Fair on Friday afternoon after classes. The event drew a large crowd of interested students from a variety of backgrounds, from traditional to non-traditional, first-year students to graduate students.