Ali Laughman Head Copy Editor


SU supports LGBT community after attack

Tuesday was a prideful day to be a Shippensburg University student and a part of the LGBT community when students, faculty and administrators gathered in the Ceddia Union Building Amphitheater in solidarity after events that occurred the day prior. 

Tulip planted for new life

Shippensburg University community members met around the Janie Fecker Garden outside Lackhove Hall  on Tuesday for SU’s annual Tulip Planting Ceremony to remember those who have been victims of domestic violence. 

ACT kicks off campaign

The Ask, Communicate, Teach Tolerance (ACT) campaign kicked off Thursday in the Ceddia Union Building as the ACT committee addressed what the campaign means to them.

Bathroom Bill

In a list of things you probably do in public bathrooms, it starts with looking for the cleanest stall. Followed by making sure the latch actually locks

SU stands with Orlando, vigil held at CUB

The LGBTQ+ community stood together in terror as Omar Mateen shot and murdered 49 people at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida on June 12. In honor of those deaths, the LGBTQ+ Concerns Committee of Shippensburg University had a call to action and members of the SU community joined together to commemorate the lives taken, by hosting a candlelight vigil.

Cats find haven on campus

  Picture yourself walking across campus and you see a small cat, shivering, running for cover from the harsh realities of being a stray on a college campus. Shippensburg University employee Sara Pike has the solution.