APB hosts black light dodge ball



Take the hectic sport of dodge ball, switch off the lights, add a whole new level of chaos and what do you get? Black light dodge ball.

Flashes of neon green and orange whizzed around the Shippensburg University Recreation Center basketball courts as the Activities Program Board (APB) hosted a black light dodge ball tournament Friday night. 

APB partnered with Ship Rec to hold the tournament that started as a few rounds of pool play and led to a single elimination competition.

Tom Goetz, an APB board member who was in charge of the event, could be found updating team rosters and formulating the next round’s competitors. While keeping a keen eye out for incoming dodge balls, Goetz described the impact of the event.

“I think it’s a great way to get people active on a Friday night, especially with how cold it’s been,” Goetz said.

The teams were comprised of pre-registered groups along with walk-on individuals who APB placed on teams shortly before the tournament began. 

Several players strategically wore all-black clothing in an attempt to increase their stealth, while others embraced the black-light setting with bright fluorescent shorts. 

Freshman Dawson Mohl, who heard about the event from friends, joined in on the action on team “Apex Legends.”

Amid the sounds of shouting, whistles and foam dodge balls smacking the gymnasium floor, Mohl described his experience.

“It’s pretty simple,” Mohl said. “It seems normal, just a lot harder to see anything.”

The winners of the tournament received a $30 Visa gift card. 

APB promoted the event through on-campus posters, email and social media.

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