Deep in the Haifa District in 1996, an amazing journey began for the Israeli psychedelic trance duo known today as Infected Mushroom.

The duo consists of Amit “Duvdev” Duvdevani and Erez Eisen, who both began training at a young age, immersing themselves in classical piano studies, computerized music, keyboard practice and songwriting.

Duvdevani and Eisen are classified as revolutionary artists who really self-invented their own genre of psychedelic trance that blew away many mainstream trance artists, making the genre of psychedelic trance more familiar and relatable to listeners.

The duo is most famous for using a variety of synthesizers and acoustic guitars. In other words, Infected Mushroom broke the mold for the trance scene in the late ’90s.

The duo’s first album “The Gathering,” released in 1999, pushed Israeli psytrance officially onto the scene with the album’s deep, rhythmic sound. In 2004, Infected Mushroom released its fifth studio album “IM the Supervisor” which was its best selling album to date.

The pair released their highest grossing album in 2007 titled “Vicious Delicious,” which sent the team’s career skyrocketing.

“Vicious Delicious” included a variety of instruments and vocals. In 2009, Infected Mushroom released its album “Legend of the Black Shawarma,” which refers to the story about an Australian man who wanted to be dropped into the sea enclosed in a shark-proof cage and was told he would smell like the Middle Eastern delicacy shawarma to the sharks.

“Legends of the Black Shawarma” led to a three-year tour and the inspiration to create Infected Mushroom’s newest album, “Army of Mushrooms,” released in May 2012 by Dim Mak Records. The album includes a range of different genres such as house and drum and bass.

Infected Mushroom started their FungusAmongus tour in 2013 and has also recently released two collaborative EPs titled “Friends on Mushrooms Vol. 1” and “Friends on Mushrooms Vol. 2.”

Other Infected Mushroom albums include “Classical Mushroom” released in 2000, “B.P. Empire” released in 2001 and “Converting Vegetarians” released in 2003.

The duo has been ranked twice as one of the world’s “10 best DJs” by U.K. magazine Bible of the Scene. Infected Mushroom was placed at No. 9 in the DJmag Top 100 DJs poll and was also the highest ranked psytrance DJ in the category in 2007.

I got into these guys in high school, when my love of trance and house was blossoming. The tracks that got me hooked were “Cities of the Future” and “IM the Supervisor.” Infected Mushroom currently resides in Los Angeles, Calif., and is signed to Dim Mak Records, Perfecto Records and Brand New Entertainment.

Infected Mushroom’s notable career is still thriving as it continues to create its unique sound for fans all over the globe.