Got a case of the “Back to School Blues?” Nights will get longer, summer romances fade and once again we must sacrifice the now to secure a better future.

With that said, we also now have the freedom to grab opportunity by the hand, which could guide us in the right direction. Lana Del Ray’s single “Summertime Sadness,” remixed by French house music DJ and producer Cedric Gervais, embodies that sting of pain endured by all who must return to reality come September.

Born in France in 1979, Gervais wasted no time and moved to South Beach, Miami at the mere age of 15. Gervais has been spinning since 2001 and got his start with his first single “Burning” with the help of Ultra Records.

Gervais’s remix was released in February of this year by Spinnin’ Records. Del Ray’s original track can be found on her newest album “Born to Die,” which was released in January of 2012 by Interscope Records.

Gervais’ remix is a definite jewel because it incorporates Lana Del Ray’s soulful lyrics with a hot beat, making a sure-fire combination. Other tracks worth checking out by Gervais include the hard house track “Molly,” “Things Can Only Get Better” featuring vocalist Howard Jones, and another remix of Del Ray’s track “Young and Beautiful.”

Specific tour dates for Cedric can be found on the Cedric Gervais website, StubHub or TicketFly. As far as music trends, we should expect to see a little more soul in the EDM genre rather than just a bunch of bass drops in the following year.