You know what grinds my gears? Senioritis.

I have it worse than any other senior I know regardless of how much work you might have or how busy your life is, I swear I am hating senior year more than you.

I am at the point where waking up in the morning is the hardest thing to do Monday through Thursday.

At no point do I care or want to do school work anymore and as scary as it might be I want to graduate. Senioritis is the worst possible thing you could get, and I have had some colds.

There is no cure, only graduation can make it go away.

I remember being a senior in high school and not wanting to go off to college. I am surprised I am even here let alone in the same position I was four years ago — about to graduate. I wish that back then I was able to control my senioritis so that I would have been better prepared for it this year, but instead I wasted the entire year transforming myself into the laziest, sarcastic bum that could roam the world.

Doing work seems pointless when you are a senior, because you have worked your entire life through school to get to this step. Senior year should simply be a refresher course for your life.

Classes should be geared toward you finding a job, finding a house and establishing credit.

Things you need in life.

No one needs a general education art class that teaches you to paint bunny rabbits with your toes; you need something with substance.

Now, I am not taking anything away from all those toe artists on campus, I just do not see why these classes matter when you are done with it all.

I am trying to budget school, work, an internship, senior capstone, and not to mention trying to find a summer job, make resumes, contact prospective employers for the future, get an apartment, and so many more things.

How are we ever going to focus on our lives outside of school when we have a million papers to write that will have absolutely no effect on how we can buy an apartment? It just does not make sense.

I have put off so many things this semester and I have struggled with many more. It is hard to budget your time and work when you have different types of budgets.

In the real world, or the post-apocalyptic college life we are going to budget our lives at work and at home, wherever home might be. My life has always been to arrive late to class and want to leave early, so I can only imagine what it will be like in the real world.

Hopefully professors will try to understand senioritis and will make the necessary adjustments.

They were all where we are at one point in their lives, and as ancient as they might be, it was probably even hard to focus when they were learning about fire and the wheel.

Even if this is the second time I have written this article, I want people to understand the pain we are going through now. Graduation is right around the corner.

I am scared.

I am nervous.

I am wetting myself daily, but above all else; I am a senior with raging senioritis and no care in my heart.