You know what grinds my gears?


You realize that most of our lives are based around the fact that we have to follow someone’s orders.

Rules are everywhere and no matter what we do to avoid them we still are penalized when they are broken.

Even writing this article I am following AP Style rules so I sound intelligent when I write and not like I came straight out of the back woods of West Virginia.

Life has rules from birth until death and even when we die we still have to follow rules in heaven or hell, or even purgatory.

I am Catholic so I mean I need to show a little love. When we are born we have to allow the doctor to violate our backsides and let our parents name us.

If we could name ourselves though, I can only imagine the names we would come up with.

As we get older we must follow the rules our parents lay down for us.

I know in my house I was constantly confused because my parents always changed their minds.
It never seems to stop, even in school.

I hated going to a place for eight hours a day and listen to whatever the adults told me to do.

I guess this is why I was in trouble a lot, but then again, I was always smarter than my teachers so I used that to my advantage.

I found that rules change day to day, and sometimes people just make up stupid rules just because they hate you.

Again, this is why I was in trouble a lot in elementary school mind you.

In high school and college, rules change as you mature.

You get used to driving and have to follow the “rules of the road,” play sports and follow the “rules of the game” and also get into relationships and have to follow the “rules of love.”

In our minds we must keep track of all these rules because if we ever break them we get punished.

It simply never ends.

When we marry, we follow the rules of marriage, and in church we have to follow the rules that God created for us.

I put his name in quotations because I do not want to offend any other religions, again another dumb rule.

The Golden Rule is something that we live by every day, yet I have heard so many variations of it that I have no idea what to believe.

Rules, rules, rules. There is no escape.

I cannot wait to become an adult and finally create some of my own rules for my kids.

I am going to be one of those dads who will make up the craziest rules you could ever imagine.

It is unfortunate to see that those who set the rules before us also had to follow someone else’s rules.

Life is so repetitious.