You know what grinds my gears? Snow.

It just is not the same anymore, and I do not think it will ever be what we grew up with.

I remember the days when it snowed the correct months out of the year, and snowed often.

It left us with white Christmas and it gave us plenty of snow days in January and February.

Now we see snow in October and March only and winter is as dry as a turkey in the Griswald household.

Yes, we did have an amazing snow day last week which managed to dump enough snow into the forecast to warrant an extremely early cancellation.

We have nothing to fear but fear itself, or an impending snow storm. So, there we were getting a well-deserved day of rest so that we could prepare for the weekend.

Hump day is the best day to get a day off; I just hope everyone took advantage of the hump.
So why is the snow choosing to fall without a real cause anymore?

I long for the days when I built a new snowman each day of the week because a new snow would fall.

I could be wrong, but I believe this past Christmas was actually white, which is amazing considering it is the first my 6-year-old niece has seen in her life.

Winter is cold, bitter and unkind; sort of the same as a Taylor Swift album.
In my little world, spring begins as soon as March hits.

Growing up in Pennsylvania I have always worshiped the teachings of Punxsutawney Phil and all his magical weather powers.

I mean, most meteorologists are only right like 30 percent of the time so believing in a groundhog is not that far-fetched.

It is a shame that this snow was the only worthwhile snow too.

It actually snowed the good packing snow, instead of that snow that just makes messes.

I had a childhood of amazing snowball fights –– the fights where if you packed it real tight with a large rock inside then there was a good chance you were going to send some kids to the ER.

I just miss those days, and when I see snow like this past week, it makes me reminisce and complain that the snow we get today is nothing more than some straight–Al–Gore–global warming–hippie–tree–hugging snows.

I was happy we had a day off, but at the same time it should not have to be in March.

We have spring break in March and everyone knows that spring break means short-shorts and bikinis, it does not mean heavy coats and gloves.

Then again Ship Happens.