You know what grinds my gears?

People at crosswalks.

As a certified driver for almost six years I have to say that pedestrians are the scariest part of driving.

Along with being a driver, I am also a person.

I understand the pain that is being a pedestrian and walking in front of cars.

However, understanding what it is like on the other side too, I am fully aware of the way drivers look.

On campus people continuously cause mayhem on the crosswalks, especially in the winter.
Getting to class and getting home is normally the only thing going through a pedestrian’s mind when he/she is coming on campus.

Yet, coming out of the darkness are bright headlights and a faint beeping noise. No matter how hard the car attempts to brake the pedestrian is fully in his/her right being inside the crosswalk and they get hit.

Whose fault is that you might ask?

It is the driver’s fault because technically the pedestrian was in the designated walking zone.
It is a shame that we have white-painted lines on the road with the illusion that it classifies as a safe zone.

It is like the government to create these magical areas and make them open for people to casually walk across with no fears whatsoever.

In the winter when there is snow and ice on the ground it is hard for a driver to stop on a dime.
Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to just pull off, but if there is no room then the car ultimately hits the person.

I know a person, whom we will call Miss French, who was attempting to drive on campus when she unfortunately came across a band of hoodlums who thought it would be perfectly fine to walk across the street without even looking.

Just because they are in the “crosswalk” does not mean they cannot look. She nearly made pedestrian pancakes out of those young kids.

Miss French is not alone in her experience.

I too have traveled the campus roads and watched students and faculty leap from behind bushes and walk in front of me.

If we would reach an icy patch then we would slide right into them.

If someone is hit on campus I was always told that they receive free tuition for that year.
Well, if you are dead that is the last thing you will be worried about.

Something needs to be done on campus with the students and the crosswalks.

As a driver, we all need to have the same respect as those crossing the streets.

I know this might seem like a stretch and most might think of me as a hypocrite, but so what?
Yes, I cross the streets on campus and sometimes I do it illegally.

I just think that pedestrians need to obey the factors that go into being a driver on campus.
They also need to watch out for those who might be driving that vehicle.

I might stop next time, but Miss French might not.