You know what grinds my gears?

The gun debate.

Why are we still doing this and what does it even matter?

Guns, regardless of how they affect the world or those living in it are never going away.

Our forefathers did not envision schools getting shot up or movie theaters coming under fire when they created the Second Amendment.

Talking about guns anymore is the same as talking about racism, rape, birth control, AIDS, homosexuality or any other taboo issue.

Regardless of your stance, they are not going to go away because they are already here in our present society.

I can take the firm stance that guns do not kill people, people kill people. When I see a gun walk, talk and shoot its own bullets, that will be the day I change this viewpoint.

I understand the outrage over these assault rifles, but in my life I have never once been assaulted with a gun, which includes my neighbor Wayne Gunn.

If we take guns away from the public, the lunatics are still going to find a way to obtain weapons.

Drugs are illegal in America yet, for some reason, the best job on the market is to be a crack dealer.

I hear they have a good dental plan and no need for prior work experience.

If people want to get something, they will get it.

No matter what the law is, people are still going to break it.

Just ask poor little Tommy, who thought it was a good idea to feed the lions his left over cotton candy.

Oh, Tommy, do not feed the animals means do not feed the animals.

The National Rifle Association continuously fights for the right to protect the Second Amendment for the same reason why Mitt Romney fights to protect the fortunate.

I agree that they should be outspoken for the protection of our right to bear arms but honestly, that right is misinterpreted.

When Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and their colonial homeboys created the Bill of Rights, they were under the impression that every household should be protected in case of another British invasion.

Despite the War of 1812 and The Beatles, I think America is safe from the Brits.

The biggest reason many debate this issue is because men like to hunt and collect guns.

Nothing says “do not mess with my daughter” like seeing a nice AK-47 mounted on the wall above the family portrait, next to the crucifix.

So is the gun debate really anything that people care about?

Most of us understand that killing a person is wrong, which is why we feel war is the better answer.
It is much more organized and group-oriented that way.

We talk about gun control because it is fresh in our minds and people want answers to unnecessary deaths.

America will just not let it stop.

Talking about guns is like beating a dead horse; only instead of using a club, we use a shotgun.