You know what grinds my gears? How boring it is in Shippensburg.

Writing article after article about Shippensburg leaves me at a loss for ideas.

Something needs to happen here. A man can only grind his gears so much before he literally has no gears left to grind.

I must say, when I take into consideration everything in the world I can talk for days, but Shippensburg just does not do it for me anymore.

I figured that Shippensburg would be boring when I came here.

I compare it best to a bad movie.

The more you watch it, you continually pick up on things you hate, and by the time it is over with you just really have nothing more to say than it just was not good.

Now I am not saying Shippensburg is not a place to get a good education because I have received a great education during my time here. What I crave, and most others probably do also, is action, adventure, intrigue, mystery, fun and so much more.

Shippensburg needs to have something to make it newsworthy in a sense that you actually enjoy what you are experiencing.

I know there are many who do have fun here, but in a big city do you know many people who claim they are bored?

I think not.

Honestly the most exciting thing that happens here is when we have a bank get robbed or someone attacked.

That is sad to admit, but nothing happens here.

Late at night there is an “Amish Mafia” that rides down the middle of town, but until they start something with someone they will just be nothing more than harmless Amish people. Maybe we need the cows on the farms to create some hostile takeover of the town, or have them go on strike.

I am pretty sure that would help me out with a storyline.

Instead, everything seems content. And by content I mean nothing is angering me.

Yes, stuff might in other parts of the world, but in Shippensburg I have the feelings of a blank slate.

No pun intended.

I just want something to crop-up and catch my negativity so that I can blast them the best way I know how: with the printed word.

There is nothing interesting here anymore though. While you can talk about the construction, or food at the Ceddia Union Building, or even the new dorms that is as far as we can go.

Shippensburg has nothing to grind my gears, and I hope that changes in the upcoming weeks.

I want to get back to the bitterness of judging things or people that make me think twice about humanity.

Even when you are a cynic like me you get bored of the same old routine, day-in and day-out.

Luckily, with each new day I am always surprised in some way, shape or form by the events of this small town so there is hope.

Hope that next week something or someone new will grind my gears again.