I love Shippensburg University; however, I hate finals week.

I cannot express words to formulate my hatred for this upcoming, god awful week.

I am sure that everyone agrees with me, too.

The worst part is how finals just creep up on us.

The last I checked, it was Halloween, and now we have a week left.

Every semester I think that the week will fly by, and it will be smooth sailing.

Could I be any more naïve?

This semester everything is going to change.

I plan on taking finals week by the horns.

After learning my exam schedule, and hastily finishing assignments, I would like to offer tips that are, I think, will make everyone’s final week experience bearable.

The first aspect of finals week that I hate, is when I have more than one test scheduled on the same day.

This has happened to me every semester, and I have suspicions my professors are doing this to me on purpose.

My roommate recently discovered that she has both her anatomy and physics finals back to back on the same day.

After pacing around my apartment, having a minor mental breakdown and throwing a few things, she settled down and got to work. Her plan is to take her tests one at a time. If anyone else is like me, after I am done making dozens of notecards, I am not in the mood to study.

I have discovered that creating notecards a week or two in advanced for finals is best because it gives me the ability to put the cards down, and begin to study them each day leading up to the exam. This is exactly what she is doing, for her exams, and it will guarantee her a good grade.

Another point of finals week that I hate is the distractions that so easily take me away from studying.

I cannot study in my apartment.

My television calls my name with all of my favorite shows.

My refrigerator is full with food.

My roommates are always stirring up some form of fun of which I do not want to miss out.

What is great about SU is the numerous areas on campus that can be used to study.

The library is one of my favorite spots on campus.

The quiet study areas upstairs and downstairs are comfortable and create great work environments.
The best recipe for a successful study session, is a comfortable seat upstairs, and a hot, steamy Starbucks.

There never seems to be enough hours during the day of finals week.

I feel like I have to stay up all night in order to learn the material I need.

However, anxiety, caffeine and erratic schedules cause high insomnia rates among college students according to Christine Clark, a reporter UC San Diego News Center.

Creating a set schedule for sleep is the best way to maintain a healthy sleep schedule.

Going to bed at the same time, and waking at the same time, are ways to avoid insomnia.

By working diligently throughout the day, and going to bed at a reasonable time at night, will allow your brain to rest, and absorb the material you have been studying.