You know what grinds my gears?

The food lines on campus.

I know we do not have as many students on campus as Penn State or Pitt; however, we have enough to make waiting in lines frustrating.

We all love the fact that there are different food options.
I know I enjoy my routine stomping grounds.

However, for other students they can pick and choose what they would like.

It just annoys me to see the way that lines are formed and how things get handled. I probably have a story for almost every place on campus that involves me experiencing line troubles.
The worst has to be Papa John’s.

Yes, the newest addition to the campus eateries, Papa John’s is located right inside Kriner Dining Hall.

When I was a freshman, I remember Mama Leone’s being there, which had some really great pizza.

Yet, for the life of me I cannot remember having a line issue there.

Now, Papa’s confuses the life out of my friends when we go there to eat.

There is no beginning to the madness.

If our pizza of choice is not in the window, we wait and hope one comes out shortly. If it does not, do we order and pay, wait awkwardly like a moron, or what should we do?

I always seem to walk into Papa’s and have some conversation with people in line as to who ordered what and when.

If anything, this teaches you how to be courteous and to be observant.

You must respect the people who were there before you and also watch to see if someone who came after you attempts to steal your cheese pizza.

Not everyone can be like me and make friends with the people who work there, so you have to follow these rules to insure that while at Papa Johns you do not have a bad time.

If you steal someone’s food you are going to have a bad time, and if you cut in line you are going to have a bad time.

Lines do not get any better in Kriner.

Just wandering aimlessly wondering if you should get a drink, get something else to eat or go pay.
Plus, with the ladies being understaffed and always running around, it causes you to lose focus on where you are in line.

The best advice is to get a drink, anything else you need, and mind your manners.
Wait in line and be as cautious as possible.

It is a tight fit in there and people could get hostile.

If they could only find a way to make that work I am sure Sub Generation would be set.
The main issue though is the CUB.

I eat at Chickendipity a lot. I frequent there a good bit after really taking to the buffalo chicken wraps last year. This year though, the line has been switched around. Now they do have those rope lines that you see in banks, but it is all backward.

Now I feel like the lines stretch in the most awkward position; back to the entrance.

Before, we could stand along the side where no one would have trouble, but “The Dip” as my friends and I like to call it, is a busy place, almost always filled with people.

All I am saying is, SU needs to get with the program.

We need better lines because food is something you just do not mess with.

We need law and order to go along with our wraps and pizza.