You know who really grinds my gears, Ted Nugent.
Let me start off by saying that Ted Nugent is a sorry excuse for a human being regardless of what his fans think.

Just because he had a few hit songs like “Cat Scratch Fever” and “Stranglehold” does not make him invincible when it comes to making comments about the president.

Nugent, who apparently loves his right wing outlook on America, decided to bash the president and his administration for all the evil that they were doing in office.

It seems as though he does not understand that nothing is going to change who is in office.
President Barack Obama’s business may well be America’s business, but Mr. Nugent needs to realize you cannot just say anything you want when the camera is on you.

The Nuge was speaking to a group at the National Rifle Association’s convention when he decided that his feelings for the upcoming election needed to be shared.

Now, for The Motor City Madman, speaking at a gun- toting convention full of drunks and hillbillies, of course he was going to rile up some anti-Obama supporters.
This man is just as bad as his pappy Rush Limbaugh.

These two need to just get a room and let the professionals talk politics.
What Nugent did off of the stage though is what truly caused the media frenzy.
Talking about the Obama administration The Nuge kindly referred to them all as criminals and that they hated America.

He went on to say that if Obama is re-elected then Nugent himself will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.

This was a blatant remark insinuating that he will assassinate the president if he is voted back into office.

The president of the United States is the highest honor in the country besides being a Kardashian’s husband.

Free speech is one thing, but trying to stir up an attack on Obama is not American no matter how many flags you wave.

I think that The Motor City Madman needs to seriously get a reality check.
The man does a few hunting shows and prances around with his crossbow and he thinks he is allowed to indirectly threaten the leader of the free world?

When looking at the court case Watts vs. the United States, an 18-year-old boy threatened President Lyndon B. Johnson at a rally to rile up the crowd.

The Watts case brought on a lengthy trip through the judicial system where finally the Supreme Court overturned the boy’s conviction of threatening the president.
He got laughs when he said this also, but Nugent vocalized that he was serious after his statements.

Now, men like Nugent will also be able to get by without getting arrested for a public threat at Obama.

I understand that free speech is an important thing.
We need to keep our freedom open because that is essentially how we were founded.
Most other countries wish that they could have the freedoms that we take advantage of, and they would love to be able to openly criticize the government.

Nugent decided to take his rights as an American and additionally, call for a controversial ousting of the president.

Ted Nugent feels that the Obama administration is a disgrace.
No sir, you are the disgrace.