You know what really grinds my gears, Rush Limbaugh.

I know I am not speaking for the minority when I say most Americans are probably sick of his sexist, racist and bigamist remarks that he makes through the airwaves.

Limbaugh recently made some remarks in response to Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke, whose opinion differed from Limbaugh’s.

So, he decided to call her a “slut” and a “prostitute” because of her liberal views.
Limbaugh, who is a Republican, decided to use what he calls “humor” and attack this girl in a manner that was distasteful.

Now, since he is getting attacked by numerous news outlets, Limbaugh cheerleaders are coming to his side and bashing comedians who use political satire to bash women such as Sarah Palin.
What they fail to see here is that this is not the same thing.

Maybe it would be if Limbaugh had a heart, and knew what comedy was. I mean did we consider the Grinch funny?

Limbaughians, which I like to call his followers, feel that comedians Bill Maher and Louis C.K are in the same boat as Limbaugh.

Yet, these men are comedians, and the title usually is synonymous to them, quite the same way Limbaugh and Oxycontin are synonymous. So now the far right is attempting to create a war on comedy.

For all the things going on in America I guess the smart thing to do is invest all your time into attacking people whose job is to make people laugh.

When people such as Sarah Palin create a moronic persona for themselves then that is her own fault, not the fault of the comedian. Just because she can see Russia from her house does not mean she is a slut.

Yet, supposedly this innocent democratic law student was a slut.
The definition of a slut to Limbaugh is anyone who disagrees with him, and is of the female gender.
That is not the definition Webster has in its book.

I think that all these Limbaughites need to look in the mirror and realize that this is a waste of time.
You are not going to make people feel sorry for Rush Limbaugh.

He is a poor excuse of a man and should not be allowed to speak on any topic, let alone politics.
Yes, I feel the Republicans need a voice, but that girl being called a prostitute was not in jest.
It was a blatant attack and he used very low class words to describe her.

Limbaugh has no couth. He is Howard Stern if Stern was 300 pounds and looked like Porky Pig.
Yet, Stern knows what he is doing and is fine with that. Limbaugh, on the other hand, makes mistakes and then leans on his cult to back him up.

There is no way this is going to hold up as a joke.
As I continuously harp about, this country needs to lighten up.

Is there anyone who understands what a joke is? Sarah Palin made herself out to be stupid and so did Michelle Bachman.

The comedians of the world are now able to take advantage of that for laughs — it has been going on for years.

A student being called a prostitute or a slut for having different views as you is not a joke.
Limbaugh might look like Santa minus the beard, but he does not bring joy to anyone.
He has gone too far.

If his people can get a ban put on what comedians say, then I fear Limbaugh might truly be the Anti-Christ.