You know what does not grind my gears, the Super Bowl commercials this year.

I was thoroughly pleased by the humor and premise of each commercial that I saw; however, I was displeased over last year only having a few funny commercials.

I was extremely glad to see many commercials, even for cars, being hilarious. It was actually hard to pick one that was better than the rest. I did not literally laugh out loud to any this year as I have in the past, but I felt that there were not any that I really felt were horrible or that left me hanging. I never thought I would get excited seeing an M&M naked, and now I have to wonder if I should be disturbed or left feeling hungry.

We got to see Sir Elton John and Flava Flav make appearances in a Pepsi commercial, and there was that little boy who had to pee so bad in the TaxAct ad. I really loved the Mr. Quiggly pug that out ran the race dogs in his Skechers, and who can forget the always hilarious E-Trade commercial.
Bobby the baby who was speed dating in the nursery was truly a classic.

The Coca-Cola commercials with the Polar Bears were really well done. They always seem to make them perfect each year. The Budweiser ones were only decent.

The one with the rescue dog was the best. A dog named “We Go“ was a brilliant idea, and so was the fact they promoted rescuing dogs. Each and every car commercial tried to outdo the next. I could not single out any particular one that I felt was the best.

With Fiat and its sexy, sexy, oh did I mention sexy Italian woman to the exceptional ads run by Chevy promoting American made cars that last. There was Clint Eastwood and his ominous speech on Chryslers, and a personal favorite to me was the Hyundai Genesis Coupe commercial with the guy and his boss who starts choking.

Owning a Genesis Coupe, I know those cars can definitely get the job done. The Kia Optima commercial about the dream car for real life was hilarious. That is what happens when Mr. Sandman sprinkles too much dream dust on men, we tend to go a bit wild.

The Audi ad that killed all the vampires was great and it makes me want to own one just in case they make another “Twilight” movie.

You cannot say you hated the Reinvented Camry commercial. Yet, the best commercial with the cars was the 2012 Volkswagen ad with that fat dog that lost all the weight just to catch the car.
It was even more special because they brought back a scene from Star Wars just to reference the ad last year with the Vader kid, which was really well done. I liked how they used the real Darth Vader this time.

The Doritos commercials are always the best and I wish I had a dog that would bring me Doritos.
It was humorous how he got rid of Fluffy too. The baby and granny one did not cut it for me though. I truly believe the editor could have done a bit more with it, possibly adding more humor to the ad.

There were movie trailers and Go Daddy commercials, but that is an every year thing.
So for the most part, it was an amazing group of Super Bowl commercials that definitely made up for the game. Sorry, I am a Cowboys fan.

Samsung, thank you for bringing back “I believe in a thing called love.” Man I missed that song.
I am already looking forward to the Super Bowl next year, obviously for the game, but for the commercials as well.