Honestly, who needs a Plan A when we have Plan B?

Shippensburg University and the news about our Plan B vending machine are really getting out of hand.

Yes, as it seems, we are the only university in the nation to sell this contraceptive to our students.

Yes, the access is hidden away from public view and can only be bought in Etter health center.

Finally, yes it has brought the media attention to our quiet little school.

We have pro-life Republican presidential candidates debating the contraceptive issue on a grandiose stage. This may be the reason our little vending machine has come under such scrutiny.
I have to say, that I love it though.

This is great for everyone attending Shippensburg.It is even better for college admissions.

Who would not want to come to Shippensburg now? Living about an hour away, of course I knew about Shippensburg University, but I knew more about CNN, FOX News, Jay Leno, Daniel Tosh and Seth Meyers.

These are just a few famous comedians and news stations to publicly provide SU with fame.
I can live with having people come here and protest. I can also live with my university being the butt of every joke.

The reason being is because it is funny.

We need to learn to look at this situation and laugh. I found it hilarious that people can say you can buy a bag of chips, a candy bar and a Plan B in the same vending machine; we should be taking advantage of the publicity.

No one is going to take this away, and if they do, then let them come here and make a bigger spectacle of the whole thing.

In my honest opinion I want this to become bigger than it is now. Big like Ricky Bobby.
I would love for Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum to come here and fight over our vending machine.
I enjoy comedy and especially situational irony. How is this not ironic?

Here we are, a little university, in the middle of nowhere and we sell Plan B.
We are most students’ “plan b” when deciding a school and heck, we have it here to buy.

We promote being a plan b.

I know that when I chose Shippensburg, I had it down as my second choice, and I am glad I went with it. If I was at PSU, I would be dealing with a whole other mess of issues.

I would much rather know my vending machine is selling taboo products. Let the comedians and the news anchors attack us and poke fun. It isnt like they are attacking us individually they are just doing their job. Bring in the lights and the cameras and let us bask in the glory of the Plan B.
It is nice to be able to tell people where I go and have them say “Oh, the place selling the Plan B?”

Yes, that is my school.

The Dukes of Hazzard said it best with, “When you are flying by the seat of your pants, nothing sounds more official than a Plan B.”

It is time to let it fly Shippensburg.

Plan B is the way to be.