After a long summer of fairly disappointing movies I was not expecting much for the last few films that were set to release before the start of the fall season. But much to my surprise Lee Daniels’ The Butler was a shining light bringing the summer to an end in style.

Lee Daniels’ The Butler is the story of Cecil Gaines, an African-American White House Butler, who grew up during the hard times of the early 20th century southern cotton farms. The film takes place over Gaines’ life from his early childhood all the way through his life up to modern day.

Gaines was played by one of the premier actors of today’s cinema Forest Whitaker. Whitaker was fantastic in the film and was able to enthrall the audience and feel all of the emotions that Gaines was feeling in on of the hardest times in American history.

The films director Lee Daniels was able to put the film together in a way that not only got you completely attached to the protagonist but he brought in film clips and pictures form the hard times in the south that got you attached to these freedom fighters an gave you a great perspective into these harsh times through the eyes of Cecil Gaines.

Another thing that is very surprising about this film is how well it has been doing in the box office. Since its release in mid-august, according to, The Butler has been on top of the box-office every week and has hauled in nearly $100 million haul. This great showing at the theater really shows how much people are enjoying this great film.

Lee Daniels’ The Butler was a fantastic film and if you can still check it out in theaters I definitely recommend seeing it. It was a great biopic of a very interesting man who lived in and around of some of the most interesting times in American history.

I would give this film a 4 out of 5.