Released on Oct. 12, “Argo” is the newest dramatic thriller from Warner Bros. pictures.  Centered on CIA agent Tony Mendez, “Argo” is the story of the 60 U.S. citizens taken hostage by a revolutionary group in Iran in 1980. Six members escape the embassy but are trapped in the Iranian capitol.  The film centers on the action taken by Mendez in order to rescue those six escaped U.S. citizens.

The star and director of the film Ben Affleck, once again shows his ability to do well with both jobs together.  His vision of the film shines through and has made an intense and exciting film.  Also, his performance as Tony Mendez, I think, solidifies his role as the premier actor/director in Hollywood today.

The supporting cast of the film also enhances the quality to a level that I believe will give “Argo” serious Oscar buzz.  Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin and one of my favorites, John Goodman, back up Affleck, and each brings a spectacular performance to the film.

Even though many might already know the outcome of the film, like I did, it will not take away from the drama and intensity that this film has.  Throughout the film, Arkin and Goodman bring a great comedic relief, which I think is needed in a dramatic film like this.  But when the time calls for it, they bring the acting chops needed to make this film believable.

This film is great, but the last 45 minutes will keep you on the edge of your seat.  There is not a lot of shooting and violence in this film, so if that is what you look for in this film, you will probably be disappointed.  But if you love dramatic films and you love a great storyline, you will surely enjoy this film.

This film is my favorite of the year so far.  Even this early in October, I know that Oscar season truly is here and that “Argo” will definitely be on the list for Best Picture.  

The intensity throughout the film, along with some fantastic comedic relief, made this two hour thrill ride feel like it was over in a flash.  After mulling it over, I am happy to rate this film five stars out of five stars.