As graduation approaches and the senior class is finishing classes, studying for finals and sending out resumes to anyone who will accept them, we are also looking back on our years here at Shippensburg University.

As my time at SU comes to an end, I remember the new experiences I have had, the life-long friends I have made and the courses I have taken that have led me here.

What about the great people who work together to create those experiences that we will remember for years to come?

When the budget cuts first caused widespread worries on campus, administrative leaders began searching for ways to cut costs while keeping our quality of education.

We were kept updated and these leaders remained dedicated to keeping SU a good place to receive an education.

The kindness from staff here in the residence halls, dining halls and CUB is inspiring.
One woman in particular is always smiling.

Regardless of the day or time that one enters the Gallery in the CUB, this kind woman is willing to spend time talking about the positives in life.

She can brighten your day with just a few words.
Many of us take courses, meet professors, finish courses and we do not speak with the professor again.

The professor-student relationship is often nothing more than syllabus rules, assignments and grades.

Some though, step above and beyond the expectations.
The professors who go above and beyond what is required are those who get through to their students, who teach them lessons they will always remember.

During my time here at SU, I have been lucky enough to take classes with professors who show how much they enjoy their jobs, and how much they love to teach.

One professor requested complete honesty on our course evaluations as she reads each one and uses them to monitor her work.

She cares for each of her courses, enough to put even more work into continuous evaluation of her career.
Another professor has pushed each and every one of his students to go above and beyond his/her abilities.

He cheers when students answer a question correctly and encourages us to keep trying when they offer up the wrong one. A professor that I consider to be an extraordinary instructor but also a mentor to most has taught me more during my few years here than any teacher has before.

I feel prepared to walk into the professional world with what he has taught me, both through course material and life lessons. His humor encouraged participation in class but his expectations kept us to a higher level of professionalism than expected from most students.

These expectations pushed us to do more than we ever believed we could.

When I walk away from SU on May 5 with my degree, I will not only be walking away with the professional knowledge I need for a career, I will be walking away with the memories I have, all that have been possible because of the great people here.

The dedication of administrators, staff and professors here at SU is an aspect that deserves acknowledgment and praise

A word of advice to underclassmen — thank these people when you have the chance.
You will truly appreciate them once you leave.