Q: How do I utilize aid for summer?

A: By March 26, there will be a form located at www.ship.edu/financial_aid/ under “forms and links” called “SUMMER LOAN APPLICATION.” Please print this form and return it to the Financial Aid Office. You may only get aid if you are taking at least
6 credits.

Q: I get PA State Grant.  Can I get that for summer?

A: You may appeal to PHEAA to get a reduced summer state grant. However, the grant guidelines state you can only get PHEAA State Grant for a total of eight terms. So if you use a reduced state grant in a summer session, you may lose full eligibility in your last term in senior year.  Also, you must be enrolled in two of the 3 three summer terms in order to get the reduced award from  PHEAA funded. If you have specific questions about your account, please contact us directly.

Q: Last year, my FAFSA was selected for verification and my parents sent in our tax copies.  This year, I see that you are requesting a “tax return transcript.”  What is the difference?

A: In prior years, we used to be able to take copies of your tax return directly from the tax payer.  Now, we must obtain official copies of your taxes directly from the IRS.  This is called a “tax return transcript.”  To avoid having to order this form from the IRS and wait for them to send it to you to turn in to us, you may use the “IRS TAX RETRIEVAL TOOL” on the FAFSA. After     filing your taxes, simply go to www.fafsa.gov to link your tax information directly from the IRS website into your FAFSA form.  As long as you do not make any adjustments to the data, your tax requirement will be waived.

Q: I have a hold on my account and can’t register for summer classes.  Why is that?

A: There are multiple reasons a student can have a hold on their account.  Our office assists students when their hold is financial as in having a balance owed to Student Accounts or     outstanding paperwork requirements. If you find you have a hold, please check your account at the SHIP Portal to ascertain what issue, if any, you have missing documents, balance due, etc. Then please call the Student Accounts office and/or Financial Aid to determine what your next course of action will be to get your hold removed. If you have a non-financial hold, please contact the issuing office housing, library, police, etc.