“The Walking Dead” but with skates and sticks. A fitting nickname for the league’s worst team, the Columbus Blue Jackets who find themselves buried firmly in last place in the NHL.

With just 16 wins this season, and the league’s worst penalty kill percentage of 75.1, it appears as though the deck is stacked against Columbus for the remainder of the season.

A visit from the St. Louis Blues is not going to help much. The Blues have allowed the fewest goals per game all season and should continue to perform well as they shut down Columbus, 3-1, on Tuesday night.

Thursday, Tampa Bay and San Jose meet up in this week’s fun to say matchup. Seriously, try it. I like the Sharks here but, I’m not making a score call on this one.

Friday, the Montreal Canadians pay a visit to the Buffalo Sabres. With Ryan Miller looking much better and Buffalo scoring again, the Sabres win this one, taxing the Canadians, 2-0.

On Saturday, in a preview of a potential playoff matchup, the Penguins and Flyers meet for the third of six games this season. Pittsburgh will win in a shootout.

As for Sunday, I’ll stick with the “Plan B’s.” Boston Bruins beat the Wild.