As many analysts predicted, the iPhone 5 is thinner, by 18 percent than the iPhone 4S. It is also taller, bringing the screen size up to 4 inches, rather than the 3.5 inches, the size had been stuck at since the first iPhone released.

All of this means that the phone will give enough screen size for another row of icons on the home screen. It will also allow for calendar users to see five days on the screen at the same time, rather than four.

The back of the phone has been changed from the easily-broken glass back to metal black reminiscent of the original iPhone.

4G LTE support is finally coming to the iPhone as well. 4G is much faster than 3G, which makes for faster downloading of information. Whether you are loading Twitter and Facebook posts, streaming a video on YouTube or downloading a new game on the iPhone 5, if you are in a 4G area such as Shippensburg, it will be noticeably faster.

The camera has also seen some improvements, but the main specifications remain the same except for the front camera being able to shoot up to 720p video.

One of the main improvements, though, is that users can now take still pictures while still recording video. There have also been additions of panorama mode and low-light filters. The battery has naturally been improved in the iPhone 5, with Apple promising eight hours of 3G calling along with eight hours of browsing time on either 3G or 4G.

The company is also promising 225 hours of standby time. None of these times have been field-tested however, and as with most phones, mileage will vary.

Perhaps the biggest change in the new iPhone is the new dock connector; called “lightning.” This cord will have the connector on both ends, making it incompatible with every current accessory on the market.

There will be adapter cords sold by Apple, which will range from $19–$39, but this will still defeat the purpose of bedside docks that are supposed to keep the phone standing up, as the cord will leave the phone lying on the desk next to the dock.

Apple has ignored the fact that most smartphones are using the Micro-USB connector for charging/syncing, but they have at least saved phone space by ditching the 23-pin connector.
iOS 6 will also come preloaded on the iPhone 5, and comes will many software enhancements, but that is a whole different beast.

Overall, the newest iPhone is thinner, faster and better in just about every aspect, and reportedly, retailers are expecting record number crowds for its launch this week.