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Can long-distance relationships work?

(11/11/13 9:31pm)

Relationships are meant to be tough at times. They challenge each partner in good or bad ways only for them to learn something new they did not know about their partner before. A relationship is what you make of it whether it progresses into marriage, preferably, or it only lasts but so long, it was worth something to each person when they were “in love.” A relationship that is long-distance is said to be harder than two people who are able to see each other just about every day.

Good luck, Disney

(02/04/14 4:46pm)

The Walt Disney Co. has always been a stand-out organization in the United States. It has always produced excellent family-friendly entertainment and has been able to make people of all ages feel young and heart Well, this wholesome family network recently shocked the masses with a controversial episode of the popular show, “Good Luck Charlie.” During the episode the Duncan family plans a playdate for their youngest daughter Charlie.