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Does 'Side Effects' have adverse effects?

(02/15/13 11:45pm)

The key to really enjoying a movie is to not have any expectations. In December when “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” was released, I was disappointed because my expectations were so high. Thankfully when I saw trailers for Steven Soderbergh’s newest film “Side Effects,” they did not give me high expectations for what this film would be.

Great actors, great imagery not enough to save 'The Croods'

(04/04/13 3:38pm)

In today’s cinema, animated feature films are a staple in a movie goer’s choice of what to see. There have been so many fantastic animated films throughout the years, but there is one thing that all of those films have in common: They all provide subtitle humor and not just physical humor to keep little ones occupied for an hour and a half. "The Croods," DreamWorks’ newest animated feature film, directed by Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders, is the story of a family of cavemen who are trying to survive in a world of dangerous creatures and terrifying landscapes.