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Hip-Hop Happenings: Give Me Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them

(10/02/12 12:09am)

Flashback to 2007 in Southern California: Exile, a highly-respected underground producer, and Blu, a hype man for a few acts that included Exile’s group, Emanon, decided to collaborate for a studio album that would end up captivating hip-hop fans like they could have never imagined. Blu and Exile’s “Below the Heavens,” would turn out to be a critically-acclaimed underground classic.

Celebrities speak out on their presidential picks

(10/22/12 10:51pm)

As the 2012 presidential election and its turmoil rapidly approach, you cannot help but wonder what people are thinking about our candidates; especially the people who are endorsing their million dollar campaigns. Long-time supporters of Obama, such as Jay-Z, Morgan Freeman, Spike Lee and Jerry Springer, have all made statements questioning why people would not want Obama back in office for four more years.