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'Fuller House' controversy

(03/10/16 7:02am)

Netflix released a spin off of the hit '90s series “Full House.” The new show, “Fuller House,” has been true to the original form, a widowed parent, a wacky best friend, an aunt, four kids and a dog all under one roof, yet the show has managed to spark a controversy for parents who believe the show is too “adult-like” for their younger children.The show has many inappropriate jokes and it does not stop there.

Hot or Not

(03/29/16 1:37pm)

HotProviding Plan B on college campusesCollege campuses should offer Plan B without question because of how hard it is to obtain “the pill.” According to, at some college campuses students would have to be female and would have to go through an extensive questionnaire to determine whether or not they took precautions to prevent unprotected sex.

If Shippensburg students could go back and ‘do it again’

(04/18/16 11:40pm)

“Do not date that guy you will meet this day.” “Don’t buy that dress.” “Study harder.” These are just a few responses I received when I asked 30 random people what advice would they give themselves if they could go back in time.“If I knew relationships weren’t supposed to be this way I would have gotten out sooner and saved myself a lot of heartache,” the woman said.After gathering my responses on campus, I decided to broaden my horizons.

The 2016 presidential election: Oppression of political views

(04/25/16 8:55pm)

Our society likes to preach about being accepting, helping others out when they need it and not being judgmental just because someone is a little bit different from you.We will write long posts on Facebook about how it is wrong to put someone down because of their race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or the way they look.