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Review: Jesus Christ Superstar is new and improved

(10/22/14 6:36pm)

I'm (more or less) a lifetime resident of Carlisle. I am quite aware that our region has a huge pool of talented people in all the arts. Having said that, I must single out the Carlisle Theatre Company and their current production of the musical Jesus Christ Superstar as a new high-water mark. This version of the show, for those who may have seen the original movie or older stage versions, is updated and modernized, incorporating such touches as Twitter, cell-phone video and other social media references.

“The Flash” S1E3 Review “Things You Can’t Outrun”

(10/27/14 10:39pm)

Despite some strong material for the supporting cast, this week’s episode of “The Flash” reached a plateau with its lame villain-of-the-week and its focus on the boring chemistry between Iris and Eddie. This week’s episode turned its attention to the night of the particle accelerator explosion in flashbacks that paralleled Wells’ decision, in the present, to use the accelerator as a prison. The flashbacks were effective enough, introducing viewers to Caitlyn Snow’s late fiancé, Ronnie Raymond, played by Ronnie Amell.