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Controversial ice cream flavor pulled from shelves

(03/05/12 10:31pm)

Everywhere we look we are faced with stereotypes. Many think stereotypes are just used for humor, but that is not true; they are used in media production every day. Last week, the ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s released a frozen yogurt flavor dedicated to New York Knicks starting point guard Jeremy Lin titled, “Taste the Lin-Sanity.” This new product was made with lychee honey swirls and fortune cookies.

Can buying back guns eliminate city violence?

(04/10/12 1:37am)

In a world as populated and violent as ours, it is hard to organize and try to make a change. Although many people in big cities own weapons in their homes for protection, how many of those weapons are really legally owned? We could never get a real number of exactly how many are illegal, but with Harrisburg’s new “gun buyback program,” it is becoming simpler to locate that number. Due to Harrisburg’s violence worsening Mayor, Linda Thompson established a program to get illegal, working guns off of Harrisburg’s streets. Though this program sounds tactful, I do believe there are flaws in the plan that we are not coming to terms with. This “gun buyback program” is offering money to people who turn in guns, turn others in for having illegal guns and if the gun recovery deals with an arrest of the person. Past attempts at this process were not successful according to Chief of Police Pierre Ritter. But now Harrisburg is beginning to actually bribe people with money; what more could the people of Harrisburg want? The amount of money given out will be, $50 for a phone call tip that leads to the weapon, $100 for the gun and an arrest and $200 for multiple guns and arrests. To some people, that amount of money is enough to turn someone in that they know.

Apple denies e-book price-fixing accusation

(04/16/12 11:08pm) iPad? Not so fast. If Apple loses the e-book lawsuit vs. the Department of Justice for alleged price fixing, Amazon will be left in complete control of the electronic- book publishing industry. For the every day person, this might not be anything more than two leading affiliates of the electronic industry, Apple and Amazon, butting heads in a competition war.