Luhrs gets nostalgic with Little River Band


The Little River Band excites the Luhrs crowd with witty humor and memories.

It was a time warp back to 1978 when the Little River Band (LRB) performed at Shippensburg University’s H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center Saturday night. When the band’s banner slowly inched down at the beginning of the concert, the crowd was in pure euphoria and fans were swaying, tapping and clapping along to LRB’s classics. 

“This is your party, we are just the band,” Wayne Nelson, the lead guitarist and vocalist of LRB joked with concertgoers in an attempt to warm them up for a blast into the past.

The band brought back its vintage vibes with the hit classics “Man On Your Mind,” “Happy Anniversary” and “Take It Easy on Me.” 

The crowd could hardly contain its excitement. Throughout the night people stood up and sang along with the band as they remembered the good times where they listened to the same songs in their childhood. 

Many concertgoers shouted, “You guys rock!” in between music numbers, which LRB took in stride. The band continued to joke around with the audience and created an uproar of laughter throughout the night. 

The band’s performance of each song was outstanding. There was a genuine unity among them that instantly energized the audience as the band members laughed and joked around with each other. 

While the group worked well together, they still managed to let each member shine on his own. Ryan Ricks and Chris Marion’s solo spots took nearly everyone’s breath away and resulted in a thunderous and wild applause as a reward for their talent and vigor. 

The members of LRB are living proof that your passions can withstand the test of time. 

During the concert, the band took a moment to recognize all the troops and veterans who are fighting for America and dedicated a song to them. The moment was sentimental not only for the crowd, but for the band members as well, because without such brave individuals, they may not have the opportunity to be performing at Shippensburg University or other venues. 

Wayne Nelson proved himself to be a ladies’ man as he said with spunk, “Pennsylvania women are the best!” The women in attendance instantly went wild as he dedicated one of the band’s remaining hit songs to them, before transitioning to some of their newer music.

LRB encompasses everything that a band should be — hilarious, down to earth, talented and most importantly, classic. 

When attendees stepped foot into Luhrs Performing Arts Center for the concert, they stepped back to a time when life was simpler and nothing mattered but groovy music and bliss. The crowd’s energy on Saturday night displayed how this Australian band is not any old musical group, but a timeless tonic for a golden decade.

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