Oscar reviews: 'Her'

It has been a while since a script with such a simple concept based on the most basic human emotion, love, has been able to capture hearts of both average moviegoers and critics alike. Director and writer Spike Jonze has taken the human side of love and turned it on its head in an incredibly creative, futuristic yet realistic way in his newest film, “Her.”

“Her” is the story of a regular guy in the near future. Theodore Twombly is an early adopter of a new artificial intelligence program called OS1. In the film, OS1 is a high-tech operating system that creates a personal artificial mind in the device that helps you with everyday life. The film focuses on the relationship between Twombly and his OS1, Samantha, and his love that develops for her.
With an awesome cast of today’s top actors including Chris Pratt, Rooney Mara and Amy Adams, “Her” has an amazing ensemble that centers around Twombly ,played by Joaquin Phoenix and Samantha voiced by Scarlett Johansson.

Johansson who is never actually seen in the film is amazing as the voice for Samantha. Her voice acting was top of the line and really made the relationship with an AI very believable.
Phoenix, who has played so many great roles in multiple films, I think has found his best role in “Her.”

His performance, which is mostly just him talking to something that technically is not even there, is outstanding. He grabs your attention from his first interaction with Samantha and his character’s growth through the film just shows his range and expertise as an actor.
Going into the film, the idea of a guy falling in love with an operating system seemed completely ridiculous. But from the start of the film I was entranced with Phoenix and the story of a future not so far off that is completely possible.

“Her” has also gained much praise from critics along with other Best Picture nominees. It has been nominated for five Academy Awards including best picture and best original screenplay.
I loved the film and to my great surprise, it might have been my favorite film of the season. I recommend seeing this film to everyone. I give this film a 5 out of 5.

With the 86th annual Academy Awards approaching, I wanted to let people know about the films and give a college students opinion on the more well regarded films of the past year. Check back next week for my review of “American Hustle.” “Dallas Buyers Club” will be on theslateonline.com soon!

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