Oscar Reviews: ' American Hustle'

It is very obvious to me now that the theme of this year’s best picture nominees is a top of the line ensemble of today’s top actors and actresses. Best Picture nominee “American Hustle” is no exception.

The cast brought together by director David O. Russell (“Silver Linings Playbook,” “The Fighter”) is composed of actors and actresses who are known for their performances in Russell’s most critically acclaimed films.

“American Hustle” features several A-List actors and actresses all of whom were fantastic in the film. Christian Bale once again transforms to a character, which is basically the exact opposite of his role as Bruce Wayne.

Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Renner and Bradley Cooper also have starring roles in the film and all are fantastic as always in the film.

Other than all of the fantastic performances, what made this film so great was the atmosphere that Russell has created. The music selected was a perfect representation of the music scene during the late 1970s.

Also, the costumes and hair that he used made you feel like you were in the 1970s.

The styles of that period are so iconic and “American Hustle” is one of the best period pieces in a long time that accurately represented the era in which it depicts.

However, the film’s story line was lacking for a film that is in contention for a best picture nominee. From the beginning of the film you can make up a good idea of where the film is going and that knowledge of the films most integral plot points take away from the story throughout the film.

The film was fantastic but is it best picture material? I do not think so. The story was very simple and predictable even to the average moviegoer.

The acting was great and the costume and music created an atmosphere that brought the ’70s back to life.

But that was not enough to bring this highly anticipated film to best picture quality. I rate this film a 4 out of 5.

With the 86th annual Academy Awards approaching, David Yearwood wanted to let people know about the films and give a college students opinion on the more well regarded films of the past year. Check back next week for his review of “Nebraska.” “Philomena” will be on theslateonline.com soon!

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