Uprise Festival brings the crowds to Shippensburg


The lead singer of Fireflight rocks the stage at Uprise Festival.

Music genres ranging from metal to gospel sang, danced and played on stage at the Uprise Festival this year. Bands in the lineup included Skillet, Family Force 5, Newsboys and many more.

Although Uprise is a music festival, there were not just bands featured. Jep and Jessica Roberts, from the hit television series, “Duck Dynasty” made a speaking appearance.

The weekend started out on Friday at the Shippensburg Fairgrounds at 5:30 p.m. with people hauling in their campers, tents, chairs and blankets to get spots for the show. Acts such as Brady Steinour, We Are Leo, and We As Human, got everyone in the mood to listen to the loud, positive music.

As the sun started to set, the night turned toward the headlining act. And while set up delayed their start, Skillet did not disappoint.

The massive screen lit up the back of the stage, sparks and smoke flew up throughout the performance, the crowd singing along to some of the bands top singles: “Monster,” “Hero” and “Comatose.” The night was then topped off with a few fireworks and promises that the next day would be just as spectacular.

Overcast, with the threat of rain, an even bigger crowd trekked into the festival on Saturday, carrying everything from ponchos and chairs to huge waterproof tents and tarps to cover anything that could possibly get wet.

A little less than half the bands got in their acts before all the rain gear had to come into use. While the acts played through the rain, many people milled about, checking out the vendors for each band, food stands for all hunger needs and the kids tent and activities so that the young ones were not bored.

But even with all this, many people were braving the weather for one act, Jep and Jessica Roberts. Even through the rain, a large crowd gathered around the stage to hear what the couple had to say.
They explained where their faith in Christ came from, how they ended up together, and how Duck Dynasty truly started out, which was in a barn in Jep’s father, Phil’s, backyard.

Soon after the couple walked off stage, many of the festival attendees decided to pack up and head out, because the rain did not look like it would clear up anytime soon. But several stayed and listened to the speaker Reggie Dabbs and sat through the last two performances, Family Force 5 and Newsboys.

Family Force 5 pumped the crowd up, dancing and jumping all across the stage, singing out several hits such as “Chainsaw” and “Wobble.”

While Newsboys finished off the night, and the sky finally cleared, they performed hits such as “Born Again” and “That’s How You Change the World.” They ended the night with a bang of fireworks.

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