(PART OF) ABBA The Concert takes Shippensburg back to the '70s


Katja Nord and Camilla Hedren sing for the crowd.

Eager fans flocked to the Luhrs Center on Wednesday April 17 for a pop concert experience that would be disappointing to miss.

A large crowd prepared themselves for a night to remember as the lights dimmed and instrumentalists took their places to begin the show. As the music began, marching out on stage in glittering white costumes were the two stars of ABBA The Concert, Katja Nord and Camilla Hedren, ready to belt out the songs that ABBA fans know and love.

The tribute band originated in Sweden just as the original ABBA did. They embarked on their European tour in 2001, striking the audience with unforgettable music and glamorous costumes.

The band has performed with some of the original members of ABBA numerous times, and one of them was present at the concert on Wednesday to showcase his talent on the saxophone and flute.

The guitarists introduced themselves at the beginning, saying they wanted to share their “ABBA love” with the crowd.

“Are you feeling good?” one of the guitarists asked the crowd.

A thunderous applause gave him a positive answer. The band took the stage by storm, belting out classic hits such as “Money, Money, Money,” “S.O.S,” “Mama Mia” and “Take a Chance on Me.” They even dedicated a song to the victims and families of those injured in the bombings in Boston a few days earlier.

After the intermission, Katja Nord and Camilla Hedren returned in flowing, glittery tops ready to introduce the crowd to “Lay All Your Love On Me” and “Vous Le Vous.” The crowd joined in with hand motions to the songs and sang along from their seats, but the whole audience was anticipating one song in particular.

Finally, the crowd got their wish when a sparkling disco ball dropped from the ceiling and the familiar tune of “Dancing Queen” filled the room. Everyone sang along to one of ABBA’s most popular hits as the night came to a shining close. When the song ended, applause erupted and the guitarist finished by giving the crowd a motto that everyone in the room could relate to: “Peace, Love and ABBA.”

Sylvia McMullen is a Chamberburg Area High School student working with The Slate.

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