Comedic duo leaves students laughing


The dynamic acting, singing and comedic duo Dave Ahdoot and Ethan Fixell brought smiles and outbursts of laughter as APB hosted their comedy show in the CUB’s Red Zone.

The comedic duo, known as Dave and Ethan, have been best friends since middle school and have gained experience from the People’s Improv Theater in New York. They have been making people smile ever since.

Ahdoot and Fixell have also been guests on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. They also claimed the title of dating coaches.

They confess to have been on at least 200 dates from just asking and posting date requests on Facebook and Twitter.

They have gotten hundreds of offers from women all over the world who are willing to go out on double dates with the two comic showmen.

In their stand-up routine, the show starts with a four-minute video that details how they have been all over the country trying to get girls to go out with them.

During the show, Ahdoot and Fixell not only make fun of the dating scene; but they left no stone unturned in trying to find a date.

Ahdoot and Fixell also give advice on how to have a successful dating experience, and allowed the audience to share about their dating issues and how they could have had a better date.

Many people in the crowd confessed to experiencing strange situations while being on a date.
After hearing the dating stories from the crowd, Ahdoot and Fixell went into character and re-enacted the dating experience from the audience’s information.

The comedic act also talks about how to pick up women in different languages, showing the crowd just how diverse they really are in picking up women.

They did everything. They sang acoustically and made people laugh during the songs “Maybe,” and the crowd favorite “College Wasn’t What I Thought it Would Be.”

Both songs graphically describe how difficult it is for two guys who really want to find a girl on campus and to really find a date.

During the show, they called three single guys from the audience and selected one single female to join them on stage and participate in a mock dating game.

Many people in the audience were a little shy at first to actually be part of the act, but with a little applause, they had several people admitting they were single and willing to play the dating game.

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