SU alumnus to perform at The Thought Lot


Tyler Hayduk be performing in Shippensburg at The Thought Lot on Dec. 1

When alumnus Tyler Hayduk showed up in The Slate’s office in early November, it was clear he had not been back to SU in a while. Mesmerized by the “new” CUB, Hayduk was quick to mention his history with The Slate.

“Someone wrote a not-so-nice review on Marsiglia’s album,” Hayduk said.

Marsiglia is Hayduk’s now defunct band that he played bass, guitar and keyboard for during his college years.

Hayduk graduated from SU in 2008 with a B.A. in English with a writing concentration. Prior to his trip to The Slate, he had not been on campus in over four years.

Since graduating, Hayduk has performed in a variety of bands and side projects, including Screwjack and Coup Coroux, which is currently on hiatus due to a “re-invention process.” He moved to Philadelphia with his Screwjack band members in 2010, where he still resides.

Hayduk started his musical endeavors with his first band at age 16. His interest in music started when he learned to play the piano, then the keyboard and eventually picked up guitar and bass.
“I enjoy guitar a little bit more,” Hayduk said.

His roots in indie/alternative rock run deep; however, with all versatile musicians, there is room for crossover. His most recent music endeavor is with Blayer Pointdujour & The Rockers Galore, an award-winning, Philadelphia-based hip-hop, reggae and funk band.

Hayduk is also a member of the indie-psychedelic band The Classic Hunt. The Classic Hunt’s members are divided between Philadelphia and Chambersburg; making practicing, performing and recording difficult.

“We try to at least do one show a year together,” Hayduk said.

The Classic Hunt will be performing in Shippensburg at The Thought Lot on Dec. 1. It will be Hayduk’s first time performing in Shippensburg since The Thought Lot’s 2011 Halloween show, and he is excited to be back.

“I’ve been so busy, I have to remember to set time aside to do the things I want to do. It’s good to be home to visit friends and family,” Hayduk said.

A native of Chambersburg, Hayduk has close relations, and is a fan of local bands such as Thought Lot regular, Bratcore.

“I think it [The Thought Lot] is fantastic,” Hayduk said. “We needed a venue like it for a long time.”

The Classic Hunt’s show is Saturday, Dec. 1 at 8 p.m. at The Thought Lot, 47 E. Garfield St. Shippensburg. White Like Fire and Traveler’s Songs will also be playing that evening. There is a suggested donation of $5.

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