“Transit of Venus”, Three Days Grace’s New Album

As an avid Three Days Grace fan, hearing that this Canadian band was making a brand new album was an amazing story. As soon as it came out, I wanted to give the album a review of my own.

Their new album, called “Transit of Venus,” released a teaser trailer for the album on YouTube right before there was a transit of Venus (when Venus moves in front of the Sun).

The very beginning of the new album starts with a song titled “Sign of the Times”. This first song shows the dramatic improvement from their prior album, “Life Starts Now.” Three Days Grace has made the first song somewhat repetitious but the lyrics stick out as they are nearly screamed. “Sign of the Times” seems to be talking about a sort of apocalypse during the transit of Venus.

“Chalk Outline” is the second song and the first single from this album. Both fans and music reviewers gave great reviews to show a change in Three Days Grace. The rock ballads found in earlier songs came back in this song with great riffs and pounding drums. This song talks about a crime scene and a husband murdered by his wife.

The third song, titled “The High Road,” tells the story of a crumbling relationship before the break-up. This new song has the more great riffs but the lyrics stick as well. Though it seems to be an angry song, as though the boyfriend is furious this is going to happen, the song is actually very sad with lyrics such as: “I’ll do whatever it takes/To be the mistake you can’t live without.”

“Operate” is the fourth song that brings out great guitar solos and calmer lyrics for a few sections. The guitar parts are dominant in this song from the beginning as it is hard to get the background guitar playing solos out of your head. This song is about a girlfriend who brings out the worst in her boyfriend.

The calmer beginning to “Anonymous” is very soothing until the chorus starts, just like half of the songs in Three Days Grace’s second album, One-X. There is repetition in this song, just like in “Sign of the Times.” “Anonymous” seems to be about a couple that is exactly the same but is scared of the outside world and tries to stay out of it.

“Misery Loves My Company” is the song that splits the album right in the middle as the sixth song. It shows their rock side again. The guitar solo is fantastic and the song expresses the feeling of never giving up.

As the seventh song, “Give In To Me” seemingly goes back to their first album ever created with a softer version of rock. Three Days Grace showed a softer guitar playing in the background. Sex seems to be a resounding theme in this song but also an abusive relationship.

Resonating with drinking away your problems comes “Happiness.” This is a harder rock song like some of their last songs in their past album, “Life Starts Now.” This song is followed by “Give Me a Reason,” which is softer than some of the other songs in the album. This happens in their albums a bit: a soft song out of all the harder rock songs.

“Time That Remains” is another soft song that wishes someone the best. This song picks the album up, as some of the last few were not the best.

“Expectations,” the 11th song, has an appealing guitar riff that plays throughout the song and seems to tell everyone not to have too high of expectations for anyone as they could have done something bad.

“Broken Glass” continues to give a good image for the album with nice guitar chords and drum beats. The vocals are quick bursts of energy before a hardened chorus with bundles of energy.

The last song “Unbreakable Heart” has good beats and is a great end to the album.

Overall, “Transit of Venus” would get four stars out of five since it is not exactly their best but they are showing promise of stepping into new ground.

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