Krewella wins over fans with energetic performance

Former Shippensburg student, Dan Clayton, has recently started promoting Art of Electronica. He told me about a show that was happening Sept. 20 at Lit UltraBar in Philadelphia, Pa.

I had never heard of the group called Krewella but decided to check them out before we headed to the show. I cannot say I was particularly impressed with their music; my preference of female singers is slim. Krewella is made up of two female singers/disc jockeys and one male disc jockey.

A group of friends and I met at Clayton’s house in Langhorne, Pa., to catch two buses that would drive us to Lit UltraBar. We arrived at the door and got in line where our IDs were checked because Lit UltraBar is 18 to party and 21 to drink.

When we walked inside, the venue was not filled to the brim with people yet, but it was later. Music was pumping through the speakers that encompassed the front wall which was under the DJ booth.

The first artist to play was Fratello who was followed by Johnny V. and Love City DJs. An artist called Dubsef played before Krewella came onstage. Dubsef dropped popular songs like Kanye’s “Mercy” and throwback dubstep beats like Flux Pavilion’s “I Can’t Stop.”

Krewella came onstage at 2 a.m. and opened with “Play Hard.” The girls rocked the stage spinning other hits like “Alive,” “Feel Me” and “One Minute.” They even threw “Lithium” by Nirvana into their set. At one point I remember looking up from the wall of bass and being showered with champagne.

Around 3:30 a.m., a surprise guest, Zedd, walked out onstage and played for 30 more minutes. He played his original songs such as “Shave It,” “Stars Come Out” and “Spectrum.”

The show ended around 4 a.m., and all of the sweaty ravers exited the building into the cold fall weather.

My group of friends and I packed ourselves back onto our buses and headed home. I would have to say my opinion of Krewella has changed after seeing them live. I would highly recommend seeing them.

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