Korean rapper is next big thing

Get ready for the new wave that is about to hit the music scene. If many of you have not heard, and unless you are living under a rock, Korean rapper Psy is making a huge impression on the world.
His song “Gangnam Style” has taken pop songs to a whole new level, and might I say, given me a new outlook on Korea. When I think of Koreans, I think of Kim Jong Il, nuclear weapons and hate for the Western world. Psy loves the western style of music and has transformed Asian pop to the extreme.

With his humorous music videos, catchy beats and “get up off the floor, shake what your mama gave you” dance moves, I think he has found a major hit. His innovative “horse” dance is a main reason this song went viral and you can thank YouTube for that. The song has over 130 million views and that number rises every second.

Oh, and it was released only two months ago. The song was immediately made available on iTunes and now holds the top spot in iTunes sales.

Psy, who is actually Park Jae-Sang, has become an instant hit. You might not understand the lyrics but it relates to finding that perfect girl who is refined but also likes to get a little wild.

He has been making music for years with this song being on his sixth album, but with the way the internet works and how social media is growing, his song has instantly gained success. There are even fitness centers in Korea that use his horse-like dance moves to exercise.

Now, you can find “Gangnam Style” being played everywhere. The Western world is obsessed. So obsessed with the song in fact, that American recording company Schoolboy Records, which is involved with pop sensation Justin Bieber, has signed Psy to a contract to record in the U.S.. This is a huge deal for someone who became a global sensation just from YouTube.

Psy is sure to bring a lot more entertaining music to the states, and hopefully he can build on the success of Gangnam Style. Thinking back on Susan Boyle, and how big she blew up and then fizzled off does bring a scare to Psy.

It seems as though only a few can survive the enormous publicity YouTube offers and then build off of that. I think the difference is that this is pop music. Look at the recent wave of Gotye, Fun. and even that “Call Me Maybe” girl, Carly Rae Jepsen.

These pop artists came in and took over the airwaves, and Psy should be able to do the same. With the catchy beats in his songs, regardless of the language barrier, we are all still able to dance to them. Whether it be at a ball game, a dance club, or on MTV, he should have an impact.

People have already inspired spoofs of the song like the Oregon Duck, Jay Leno spoofing Mitt Romney and even the “Gangnam Style” flash mobs. Everyone is jumping in on the craze because once you get something like this in your head, it is hard to get the song out.

“Gangnam Style” is fun, exciting and just an all-around good time kind of song. It blew up fast but it seems like it is here to last. With views increasing every day, it will most likely come close to some kind of record. As one person said on YouTube’s online message board, “One does not simply watch Psy’s “Gangnam Style” once,” and how could you not watch that video more than one time?

Psy is going to be riding his imaginary horse into a lot of money. Oppa is Gangnam Style and it is here to stay.

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