Sugar Sammy uses charm to captivate audience at SU

Labeled as, “One of the Top 10 rising talents on the planet,” by the Hollywood Reporter, Canada native, Sam Khullar, also known by his stage name, Sugar Sammy, used his wit and charm to captivate the attention of his audience in McFeely’s Café on Thursday night at Shippensburg University.

Famous for his material about race, sex, relationships and pop culture, Sammy performed his material in front of a crowd of about 40 SU students.

Sammy opened his act at SU talking about the Harrisburg International Airport, at which he landed. He talked about how it should not have been called “international,” because it was so small.

He made jokes about scaring passengers on the plane that looked at him as if he was a terrorist, because he is Indian.

“When I’m on a plane, I mess with people. I take out my laptop and Skype my brother because; you know airlines in America have free Wi-fi. In Canada we have to pay for Wi-fi on airlines.
I Skype my brother, using free Wi-fi, and I make him dress up like Osama Bin Laden, to scare all the passengers who look at me like I have a bomb on the plane.”

During Sammy’s standup comedy performance at SU, he targeted people out of the audience, who he personally joked with throughout the evening.

This distinguished improvisational tactic that Sammy uses, sets him apart from other comedians.
“He has amazing improv skills. The way he picks random people from the audience and has conversations with them which he later uses to tie back into his comedy routine, is just brilliant. I would love to see Sugar Sammy again live,” said Nicole Williams, a junior at SU.

Sammy‘s hard work and dedication to comedy has given him the opportunity of working with well-known comedians such as, Dave Chappelle, George Lopez and Damon Wayans.

“Sugar Sammy is well on his way to becoming the biggest international comedy star hailing from Canada,” quoted by Bill Brownstein, a columnist of the Montreal Gazette in Canada.
He has made appearances on TV channels like Showtime Arabia, The Comedy Channel and The Comedy Network. Sammy has also performed his act all across the world.

He has entertained fans in Dubai, South Africa, Singapore, Holland, Australia, Canada, all across the United States, and now at Shippensburg University.

“Thank you Shippensburg, You all have been great,” Sammy said, after he concluded his performance.

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