Underwood continues her musical success


Carrie Underwood has taken many angles in the music world since her appearance on American Idol.
Although most people think of her as a top-selling country artist, she has also had songs that have featured her rock and pop roots.

In her new single “Good Girl”, Underwood manages to take her country flare and mix in some rock sounds and pop like lyrics to take her fans by storm.

Underwood premiered the song on Feb. 23 at the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, but this week the song finally hit the radio waves. The song is about a girl who is falling in love with a boy and Underwood is trying to warn her that he is no good for her.

The country diva brings her familiar girl power attitude out as soon as the song starts and it does not end until the last note, similar to “Before He Cheats.” “Good Girl” features powerful, infectious lyrics and a catchy chorus.

The song starts off strong with guitar licks, drum beats and a contagious hand clapping sound, immediately drawing the listener into the song.

The exciting beat continues the entire song, even after an intermission with an amazing guitar solo.
Not only is the song going to be played on just about every country music radio station, the song will also probably drift over to the Top 40 radio stations too.

Underwood’s fans ate the song up immediately to help it net around 108,000 downloads in just three days of its release. The download numbers also helped “Good Girl” become the No. 1 song on Billboard’s Digital Country Songs chart.

“Good Girl” is the first single off of her much anticipated fourth album, due in stores on May 1.
If the release of the single is just a glimpse into what we can expect from Underwood’s new album, the album may be another huge success for her young musical career.

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