American Idol narrows to nine

fter the highly dramatized Billy Joel Wednesday night, “American Idol” audiences collectively were held spellbound last Thursday night when facing the fiercely dreaded weekly voter results.

Following artist, Lana Del Ray’s vocal performance of her nondescript single, “Video Games,” DeAndre Brackensick, Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez sauntered to the stage for their Idol moment of reckoning.

Would they make it to the next round? Due to Deandre’s mediocre performance, it was no surprise to see him be delegated to the “bottom three seats;” however, when Sanchez made it through, I found myself disagreeing entirely with “America’s votes.”

The fact that Sanchez’s stardom is evident does not take away from the fact that I thought she sang Billy Joel’s “I Have a Dream” with so much vigor and interpretation that she sang the music out of the song.

Whether too critical or not, Sanchez was criticized by P. Diddy for not singing the song convincingly enough, which ultimately negatively affect the performer.

She was singing merely for the glory and fame; less focused on dazzling America with her heart, throwing herself into sparkling like a firework show with her extreme talent as an artist.

Moreover, after Haley Reinhardt performed her new single, “Free,” Seacrest encouraged the tension among the audience as the last four starstruck contestants took the stage: Erika Van Pelt, Heejun Han, Philip Phillips and Colton Dixon.

Phillips and Dixon were first declared as the safe performers.

This was honestly no surprise to me, since both of them have proven themselves time and again to America of their passion for music, especially through their Wednesday night performances: Phillips singing Joel’s “Movin’ Out,” while Colton, showcasing his stunning talent, sang “The Piano Man.”

Both of these guys deserve the top nine, radiating through their performances in a way that, honestly, most popular artists on the radio today would covet.

However, as the bottom three contestants stood moments away from either packing their bags for home or for the top nine mansion, Palazzo Foreclozzo, Seacrest declared Heejun Han and Deandre Brackensick safe, while Erika, who drastically cut and colored her hair jet-black for the occasion, was sent home, neglected by the judges who are determined to save their magic “save” for later in the competition.

Over all, the performances Wednesday night were relatively entertaining, but the contestants are expected to leave next week are either Brackensick or Han. The aptitude of the other seven artists, I promise, will be so dramatically intense that you will want to tune in to every millisecond.

This show has the possibility of turning one unknown person with an extraordinary voice and incredible mettle into a superstar with incredible fame.

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